Head of Talent


At Estimote, we’re on a mission to create an Operating System for the Physical World.

We believe the software of the future won’t be created for phones, computers or tablets. Developers and designers of tomorrow will use the physical world as a canvas for their apps and our experiences. Smartphones, wireless sensors, intelligent displays, as well as self-navigating robots are just a natural part of the future stack we will come to rely on.

To make it easier for innovators to digitize the real world and deliver magical experiences at scale, we need sophisticated software products. And that's exactly what we are trying to accomplish at Estimote.

We also like to think of our company as a product. We need to continue to attract, acquire, grow and keep our talented team members. That's why we need someone like you, to own this "product" and all its elements, such as sourcing, recruiting, and hiring candidates for sales, marketing, product, and engineering teams. We need you to be passionate about smart people and obsessed with the idea of building the best workplace in the region.

Since your work will massively impact on our company culture, products, and our future, you will report directly to the CEO and collaborate with our founders, VPs, and team leaders.

Initially, you will need to demonstrate your hands-on skills executing in a startup environment. As soon as you are successful in hitting the first headcount goals, you will be given an opportunity to build your own, specialized team which you can lead.

You will love this job!

Kuba is co-founder and CEO of Estimote. An internet entrepreneur with a strong technology and product background. Right now he is responsible for managing whole company, especially design and operations issues. In this team you will predominantly collaborate with:

Lukasz K






What will you be doing?

You will lead our efforts to acquire, develop, and retain top talent.


Collaborate with management and team leaders

In a startup environment, we are always short of people. We want you to collaborate with our teams to understand precisely who we need and why. Your objective is to find team members that unlock our teams, enabling them to run fast and ship high-quality value to our customers.

Develop strategies and plan execution

Once you know the kind of individuals we want to target, you should strategize on where to find them and how to create resonating messages they will engage with. We need you to be very creative with this. For designers, it might be scraping Behance or attending regional UX conferences. For engineering roles, you might end up digging into Stack Overflow discussions, GitHub activities or simply organizing regional hackathons.

Writing world-class job descriptions

Copy, messages, and communication will always be your most important tools. We expect you to own the process of creating engaging job offers on our website and other distribution channels for maximum exposure.

Outreach to prospective candidates

We need you to engage with people, pitch the Estimote vision, and generate genuine interest. You will need to be creative, strategic, and efficient in sourcing candidates. As an international company, we also need you to optimize the environment for diverse and inclusive tactics to minimize gender and age gap issues.

Managing a small team

You may well end up having an entire team of researchers, sourcers, and recruiters, therefore, you have to demonstrate strong leadership skills to ensure a great work ethic and proper alignment with our goals.

Measure and reflect

You will need to maintain and share data to track pipeline, priorities, and outcomes so that we can continuously learn and improve. We want you to be extremely data-driven and transparent inside and out.

Great recruitment experience

At Estimote, we all create magical experiences. We want you to own all the touchpoints and skillfully manage logistics surrounding the interviewing process, coordinating offer decisions, and final candidate presentation. We need to ensure confidentiality and absolute discretion.

Growth and career

Since there will be other teams with whom you’ll collaborate during the on-boarding and kick-off process, we want you to think holistically about all the talented individuals you brought to Estimote. We want you to contribute to performance reviews, feedback and evaluation sessions, as well as career planning to ensure constant growth and the satisfaction of all our team members.


What skillset do we expect?

Must Haves:

  • You take complete ownership of projects, have superior organizational skills, and always follow through on tasks.

  • You have stellar communication (verbal & written), storytelling, and networking skills. You excel at everything from writing engaging job descriptions, to presenting at local events.

  • You’re a self-starter and have a can-do attitude. You're innovative and always looking for ways to improve the recruitment processes and develop innovative ideas to engage with talent pools.

  • You have experience designing and executing strategies that allow fast-growing organizations to hit their staffing goals — attracting, developing, and keeping team members.

  • You have hands-on experience finding and engaging unique and/or passive candidates through creative sourcing techniques.

  • You excel at working with amazing design and engineering talent across Europe.

  • You have a track record of building long-term relationships with local communities and cultivating them as future talent pools.

  • You’re genuinely passionate and curious about technology and the industry we’re in.

  • You’re passionate and have a track record of building culturally and gender diverse teams.

  • You have experience designing training programs and career paths for team members in order to retain them and help them to develop over time.

  • You have experience designing HR policies that are relevant, clearly communicated, easily followed, and in-line with requirements.

  • You’re data-driven and can always support your decisions and predictions with data.

  • You’re obsessive about a magical candidate experience and you always go the extra mile to deliver it.

  • You’re proficient with recruiting tools, applicant tracking (we like Lever), and HR systems.

  • You have experience managing and leading a small team of sourcers, recruiters, and talent specialists.

Additional skills

Existing relationships and a network of professional contacts

What do we offer?

The best part of working here is interesting projects and an ambitious mission - but we also offer a great package for team members.

Awesome office

A 1500m2 architect-designed office in a historic chocolate factory, in the hippest part of town.

Stock Options

Everyone owns a part of Estimote. This is our company!

Family friendly

Flexible working hours, family picnics - we want your family to love Estimote as much as you do.

Awesome garden

Work from a sun bed in our garden, and brainstorm in the open air. There are plenty of alternative spaces to work.

Office located in heart of Old Podgórze

Estimote is located at the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Our office is a post-industrial wonder, we are housed inside a vintage chocolate factory next to the Vistula river.

Old chocolate factory

In the grounds, Estimote has an outdoor workspace with a WiFi enabled garden. We also have private parking for cars and bikes, all coming together for a world-class workspace.

Estimote garden

The stately brick facility contains beautifully laid out open spaces and conference rooms, designed for cross-functional collaboration. Design and R&D teams also have access to state-of-the-art labs to create the next generation of beacons and other contextual technologies.

Estimote garden

We have a fully equipped kitchen plus dining area where we serve delicious company lunches. And our fridge is always full of healthy snacks and drinks!

Estimote food
Estimote office
Estimote chocolate factory
Estimote garden

On the grounds, Estimote has an outdoor workspace with a WiFi enabled garden. We also have private parking for car and bikes, all coming together for a world-class workspace.

The stately brick facility contains beautifully laid out open spaces and conference rooms, designed for cross-functional collaboration. Design and R&D teams also have access to state-of-the-art labs to create the next generation of beacons and other contextual technologies.

We have a fully equipped kitchen plus dining area where you can eat your delicious lunches.

Estimote kitchen

What is our application process?

We take hiring very seriously and take great care to make sure there's a good fit for you and for us.

  1. 1. Try out some tasks in our application form. This helps give you a flavor of what working with us is like
  2. 2. We will call you and have a chat, and give you feedback on your tasks (we're massive believers in feedback)   
  3. 3. Come and meet some more of the team for a couple of hours for an interview in our office.
  4. 4. We will give you some real tasks to accomplish at home. This part will give you and us a sign if we can get along.
  1. 5. A "test drive" is a day spent working with your potential team - it helps to work out if there is a fit.
  2. 6. You'll need one final chat with our founders to sort out all the details... Don't worry it won't take too long!
  3. 7. If all goes well, we will send you a job offer and contract, right now the ball is in your court. We're nearly there...
  4. 8. Welcome onboard! You've signed the contract and are now a member of the Estimote team!